The story of ODT starts (like many great ideas) through frustration…

In 2013, David was a pretty ‘successful’ personal trainer compared to industry standards, and text messaging was his primary form of communication with clients outside of the session.

The fact that he would text ALL of his clients ALL OF THE TIME to connect with them outside the session and provide the additional touch points was a huge reason he was able to deliver results that they wanted. This is what separated him from his competition.

David quickly became the “results guy,” and the only thing he was doing differently from other trainers was providing constant motivation and accountability via text.

Providing such a high degree of personal attention was easy to do when he had 10-15 clients. However, as his list grew, maintaining this level of engagement became more and more difficult.

It got the point where he was spending 2-4 hours each week TEXTING clients. That, combined with the fact that he was spending so much time at the gym already, made him search for a better way.

That was the basis for developing Off Day Trainer.

David met with Alex (one of his clients) and explained his pain points as a trainer. David proposed leveraging Alex’s SMS technology to help personal trainers connect with ALL of their clients ALL of the time.

Alex agreed this would be of HUGE value to trainers, and so Off Day Trainer was born.

Working with a team of strategists, designers, engineers, and marketing pros to develop Off Day Trainer, David’s idea for a SMS engagement system blossomed into a full-on client management and lead gen tool that has some of the biggest names in training using it.

Off Day Trainer is a portfolio company of RELENTLESS Management Group, a leader in developing early-stage technology and software companies.