Do you ever wish you could just snap your fingers, and a line of people chomping at the bit for you to be their trainer would materialize out of thin air? Just SNAP, then cancel your Yellow Pages ad, redirect your marketing budget into your vacation fund, and focus on training your clients instead of working so hard to get new ones.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite as easy as snapping your fingers. But we’re working on it. From my early years as a personal trainer, I know what it’s like to feel the pressure to continually pound the pavement trying to sign new clients up. As I built my training business, I often felt that my talents as a trainer were being wasted because I was sinking so much time into sales.

Fortunately, there is a better way, which is why I’ve worked with the NAFC to create a one-hour CEC-eligible course . Typically, this course would cost $299, but we believe enough in the concepts we’re teaching that we’ve decided to sponsor it, so it’s 100% free for you.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The #1 Tool Pro Trainers Use to Generate a Steady Stream of Leads – You’re a fitness professional, not a door-to-door salesman or cold-caller. I’ll show you a hands-free, fire-and-forget way to generate and manage leads.
  • How to Turn a Stream of Leads Into a Large Group of PAYING Clients – I’ll teach you how the pros go about consistently turning a boatload of leads into a steady monthly paycheck, and how you can do the same.
  • The Secret to Retaining Clients & Milking the Cash Cow – Most trainers think the only path to a great income is a steady stream of new clients. WRONG! I’ll show you how to turn you current clients into a CASH cow!

The secret to success is happy clients. The secret to happy clients is getting results. And the secret to getting results is what this webinar is all about.

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