Carl at Crossfit Cerberus is our new ODT marketing role model: be more like Carl! On one of his Facebook posts, he uploaded a 15-second video that promoted his keyword, FIT365, and the opportunity to schedule a free training session. Carl’s video had over 4,000 views (including dozens of likes/shares), and he added his keyword to the main cover photo. Carl promotes his keyword as often as he can, because Off Day Trainer helps him grow his business.

Off Day Trainer is “a simple and effective tool to help find new people and maintain contact with the community it helps you to build. I love it.” – Carl , Crossfit Cerberus


When creating Facebook posts:

  • Keep your message tight, like your abs. Especially on Facebook, where there’s a lot of distractions! Note that Carl’s video was just 15 seconds!
  • Include your company name and/or logo
  • Display your keyword, including how new users opt into your system, e.g. Text FIT365 to 41259
  • Add a call to action by offering an incentive for new sign-ups, like Schedule a Free Training Session

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