Your clients want transparency, honesty, and a firm understanding of who you are before they spend their hard-earned cash. As a personal trainer/solopreneur, your brand is you!

It’s time to show you off. You’re awesome, your services are awesome, and its time your brand reflected how amazing you are. Create this differentiator and you’ll be memorable, which will lead to more clients, more revenue, and greater impact.

Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned veteran, the info below will help ensure that your identity is very clear and consistent within your community and marketplace!

Branding Essentials

Brand Name: You want a memorable brand name that’s unique and recognizable. It’s the linchpin of your business as it’s used on all of your marketing collateral. Since you are the brand, using your personal name is acceptable.

Vision: Your vision paints the picture of what you’re focused on achieving. Clearly articulate your long term goals in one sentence; make it concise, memorable, and inspirational!

Tagline: Your tagline reinforces the value provided to your clients. Focus on the unique benefits you bring to the table (e.g. working with executives). Make it memorable, and add your personality!

Brand Story: Describe what you do, why you do it, and why your approach or qualifications differentiate you from the competition. This story will help connect you with potential clients.

Your Logo

Your logo creates one of the first impressions your customers will have of your brand…and of YOU. Used on business cards, flyers, and websites, your logo is the face of your brand (when you’re not around). Take the time to design one (or, more likely, have one designed by a pro)! Make sure your logo reinforces the brand identity you’ve established. For example, if you’re targeting older women, you don’t want your logo to depict a bodybuilder with his shirt off, as it may be intimidating.

Plan Your Logo

Answer the following questions and provide this brand profile to your logo designer.

  • Target Market: Who are your clients? Age, gender and other demographics will influence the color, style, and imagery of your logo.
  • Focus of Your Business: Do you specialize in weight training? Endurance training? Nutrition?
  • Business Tone: Would you describe your business as playful, formal, tough, extreme, corporate, or military-oriented?
  • Color: Do you already associate a color with your business? Provide specific color code if possible.
  • Fonts: Do you already have a font you use consistently? Do you prefer serif (has tails on the letters) or sans-serif (no tails)?

Design Resources for Logos and Business Cards

There are many places online to procure logo and document designs, but pricing and quality varies dramatically. cheap option for logo and business card design

  • As low as $5
  • Provide clear direction to designer (with examples), expect quick, but probably not the highest quality design

99 Designs higher-end option for logo and business card design

  • As low as $199
  • Crowd sourcing. Provide direction to design, allow them to be creative, expect up to at least 25 designs for $199. Optionally, pay more to attract a larger pool of designers.

Printing Resources

Once you have your business card or brochure design, you’ll need to send it to a printer.

  1. America’s Printer – from $0.015 – $0.0086/card
  2. Vistaprint – as low as $.02/card (Might not be the best quality printing, but it’s inexpensive)
  3. Jukebox Print – as low as $.09/card

Website & Email Resources

Leverage your online presence to establish your brand and increase your client base. When done correctly, your website can be your #1 source for leads and if you’re not already marketing your business online, you better change that STAT!

Web & Email Checklist

  • Purchase your domain name (i.e., You can do this through or any other registrar. Get a $5 account credit if you sign up via this referral link.
  • Create your professional email address using your domain name
  • Work with a web developer to design and build your website; most developers have a preferred web hosting provider they will want to work with.OR
  • Purchase WordPress hosting see resources section below
  • Install a pre-made WordPress theme see resources section below
  • Create and insert your content, adhering to landing page best practices

Website & Email Hosting Resources

Now that your brand is taken care of, click here to learn how to market that brand!

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