You’re a Fitness Professional who wants to make your passion, your career.

I’m just going to assume that you are healthy and fit. It’s likely that you are incredibly healthy and incredibly fit. As you know, this level of fitness wasn’t achieved overnight and it definitely didn’t happen by accident.

You know exactly what it takes to achieve success.

You understand the level of discipline that is required in order to maintain the ideal physique. In fact, you preach these principles ALL OF THE TIME, it’s your job.

You often feel like a broken record because you are constantly telling your clients the same things; “Consistency is key, It’s all about your effort, abs are made in the kitchen, remain discipline, 1% better every day.”

Now, what gets me is; how come so few of us fitness professionals apply these same principles to business?

Consider your fitness business and let’s dissect:

Do you have a brand, an identity for your business?

  • This is like having a methodology for your training style, which I’m sure you have. It’s likely that you’re known as the “Fat loss expert, trainer to athletes, boot camp guru, post rehab specialists, CrossFit icon, etc.”

It’s critical that you attach a brand to your business in order for your business to become and remain recognizable in your market/community.

Do you have a marketing strategy? Do you launch a marketing campaign and after 1 ad fail, convince yourself that it doesn’t work and give up?

  • How many times have you told a client that this is a commitment and results aren’t going to come over night? You commit them to the program and insist that they find consistency in their routine. You tell them that if they fail today, to get back up and try again tomorrow as success is found in their daily habits.

Your marketing efforts should be no different.

Are you still uncomfortable talking to your clients about pricing and cost of services?

  • You’re definitely not uncomfortable on the fitness floor. You have no problem explaining their program to them and how it’s going to change their life for the better.

You shouldn’t have a problem discussing the value in which your services provide. This is your business. Promise results and over-deliver. Be the best at what you do and NOBODY will ever question the return on investment.

Are you consistent? Do you have systems in place to ensure consistency on all fronts optimizing success for your business?

  • Your clients hire you because they need accountability to ensure that they are consistent in their efforts. Have you considered joining a mentorship program? How about researching technology that exist today? You too, need something that is going to hold you accountable to your commitments and ensure that you are delivering your day-to-day operations on a consistent level.

The keys to success are universal. 

Whether you are looking to achieve success in fitness, business, relationships or anything else for that matter, the core principles are all the same.

Give your best effort each and every day, be consistent with your actions and don’t ever give up. Do this and your time will come. You WILL find success.

Action Step!

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