If you’re like a lot of us — especially us guys — you like to focus on what you know and sort of push everything else off until later. That’s called procrastination, and it could be hurting your future. It’s way too easy to just assume that things will fall into place for you and that you’ll be able to retire at sixty-five, travel the world and fade into comfortable grandparenthood.

It’s time we had a little talk.
If you’re failing to plan for the future you want, then you’re planning to fail. We’re the business of teaching other people how to make and hit their physical fitness goals, but somehow it’s hard to us to make the mental shift to apply that same drive and structured approach to our financial future.

So, how do you plan for the future? First, you get solid advice from a professional financial adviser – it’s very affordable, and they’ll help you develop a game plan for your future.

Maximize Your Training Income NOW for a More Secure Future
Our profession is physically demanding. It’s just not realistic to assume that you’ll be able to keep up the pace into your sixties. To put it simply, you need to earn as much as you can NOW to create the financial breathing room you’ll need when you’re older.

The more you make now and the sooner you get started, the more compounding interest can work for you.

How to Get It Done
So – how’s a trainer supposed to get his income up? Isn’t there a limit to how many clients you can train without resorting to working 16-hour days? Definitely. That’s why we’ve developed Off Day Trainer: we help you maximize your training capacity by automating lead generation and taking the time drag of manually texting clients with reminders and motivation off your plate for good. If you’d like to learn more, I’ll be happy to jump on a call with you to give you a free product demo.

Curious how it works? Watch this 1 minute video:

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