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Text Messaging Just For Trainers

Off Day Trainer is a patented, robust text messaging engine that produces results, fosters better relationships between Trainers and clients, and actually lands new training clients. In addition to automating client communications, the system extends your value as an organized, personable, one-on-one trainer, no matter how many clients you have.

Client Management Made Easy

Once a client has opted in to the system their name or phone number will appear in the client list. You can access all of a client’s contact details, goals, schedule and text message history here.

  • A simple dashboard screen shows all your most recent client activity.
  • View and modify a client’s contact details and questionnaires from any online device.
  • Easily read and respond to your most recent client texts in your inbox.
  • Schedule sessions and manage inspirational text messages from each clients’ calendar.

 Manage Groups Of Any Size

  • Create specialized groups for promoting incentive programs. Organize groups by goals, gender, skill level or any attribute you decide.
  • Send automated session reminders to individuals or groups an hour before every session.
  • By using automated text messages, with the client’s name and individualized goals, the system extends your value as a personable one on one trainer.

Acquire Clients With An SMS Keyword

You choose a mobile keyword to promote your business and Off Day Trainer takes care of the rest! In just a few short minutes you can begin accepting new clients with hands-free automated text messaging.

  • Own your own mobile keyword.
  • Off Day Trainer automatically encourages potential clients to fill out a questionnaire and schedule a consultation.
  • After periods of inactivity, follow up reminders are sent automatically.
  • Trainers receive a text alert any time a consultation is added to the calendar.
  • Inactive former clients can also receive occasional informal requests to reconnect.

Inspire Results Via Texting

How many unread text messages do you have? In addition to automating the new client on-boarding process, Off Day Trainer has a robust text messaging engine that can produce results and foster better relationships between Trainers and their clients.

  • Once a client becomes “active” personalized Off Day messages are automatically assigned based on their needs, wants, and goals.
  • Send nutrition tips on weekends, and inspirational texts on weekdays. You decide what will produce the best results for your clients.
  • Off Day Messages and questionnaire questions can be customized and personalized.

First 30 Days Free

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