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Praise From Fitness and Business Leaders

Darla Andrews

Owner, Total Body Health OC

“Off Day Trainer has been such a great tool for me to be able to stay connected with my clients on the days that they don’t train with me. They love that I send them out little motivational messages and tips to keep them going.”

Gino Garcia

Owner, Vibe Fitness Social

“As a fitness coach and business owner I am always searching for more EFFICIENT ways to remain in contact with my members while delivering them motivation, support, and accountability content. ODT has given me the ability to do just that!”

Jon Goodman

Founder, the PTDC & OTA

"Text messaging is a fantastic accountability tool for all online trainers who want to best take care of their clients. Not only does it improve the client experience, it shows how much you care. With OFF DAY Trainer, the guesswork and tedious manual aspect of texting is done for you. I love that the technology sends personalized, automated text messages to your clients so that they are taken care of, and you can focus on what you do best: train."

Kyle Brown

ESPN Radio Personality,
Celebrity Trainer

“Off Day Trainer is nothing short of a genius game changer. It is a fantastic referral generator as clients can book a consultation with me without me even having to be involved. Like a virtual assistant!”

Alicia Streger

Founder, FITPRO Essentials

"I'm always looking for ways to help fitness businesses scale their business, create more leverage that develops relationships with clients, helps them get better results, and helps you to make more money...and that's why I love OFF DAY Trainer so much!"

Josh Graves

Owner, Fitness On Fire

“Off Day Trainer is a PHENOMENAL product! In the first week that I had the system, it actually paid for itself. It’s been an awesome motivation tool and lead generation tool for me. If you’re a fit pro, you’ll definitely want to check out Off Day Trainer, those guys definitely know what they are doing!”

Mark Izhak

Owner, Move U Fitness

"I’ve been using Off Day Trainer for over a year now and think it's great."

Mike Williams

Trainer at No Limits Fitness

"One of the biggest reasons for our success has been our accountability program, and that wouldn't be possible without the benefit of Off Day Trainer."

Mike Caulo

Founder of The Life of a Fighter Ltd

"We always want to stay in touch with our clients, not just when we're in the gym, but also we want to have input into those off days, the days we're not seeing them. That's something I've loved about Off Day Trainer, is the ability to be able to keep [clients] inspired, stay in touch, and build that relationship."

Jason Karson

Envision Strength Fitness

"An awesome texting system that helps you create a greater client experience. Not only that, it's going to help with client retention and client acquisition also. I truly believe it's going to be a game changer in your business!"

Andrew Simpson

Owner, Player's Fitness and Performance

“We are always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves from the competition and we are the ONLY studio in our area that has this [Off Day Trainer]. It feels really good to know we are connecting with our people more often than twice a week.”

Khaled Elmasri

Owner, NorCal Fitness Summit

"The impact a trainer can have on a client goes outside just the 2-3 hours a week we see them in the gym. Where clients need us the most and where we need to have top of mind awareness is the other 165 hours. Off Day Trainer has allowed me to stay connected with my clients outside of our training sessions has created a relationship with my clients that shows I care and value them and their business."


Personal Trainer, Kennedy Club Fitness

I can look over all the information and really get to know about what the client wants, and that really helps to prepare me for when I meet with them...I think it helps to prepare you so that when you go to talk to them, so you're not just kinda all over the place. It really, really makes a big difference.


Personal Trainer, Kennedy Club Fitness

[With the ODT text messaging platform] there's been ONE person that didn't show up [for a session], compared to about fifty percent of the people showing up, counting on a fitness appointment. They show up because you hold them accountable with that text message in the morning.

Mark Pazell

General Manager, Kennedy Club Fitness

"2 months after installing the tablet in my gym, I've seen PT sales raise 33%. Off Day Trainer has helped me to reduce staff costs and makes for a seamless experience with both my members and trainers. My trainers have never been busier or more confident and my members feel we are providing more value."

Todd Durkin

Todd Durkin, trainer on NBC’s “STRONG”

“There is no better way to deliver mobile motivation, accountability and know-how to your clients than Off Day Trainer.”

Vito La Fata

Fitnesspreneur's Life

“ODT is ahead of the game and helping us connect more with our coaches and clients by meeting them where they are spending most of their time – on their phones. Every chance you can hit a touch point with a client, improves your retention and helps make additional sales.”