Like any business, you serve the needs of your clients. You’re responsible for delivering a service that helps your clients get results.

Maybe weight loss, perhaps muscle gain, better health — the list goes on.

In addition to results, you’re delivering an experience. You’re motivating, inspiring, and helping your client take action.

You’re doing all this during personal sessions with them. And, if you’re a real pro, you provide touchpoints in between your sessions to keep them on track, accountable, and motivated.

Enter Automated Marketing. Imagine taking those touchpoints and automating them so they’re sent out without effort. Motivational quotes, links to pictures, videos, or audio files, recipes, you name it — they can all go out to your clients when you’re not training them!

Automated Marketing is a system that empowers you to set up a library of touchpoint messages, and send them out on a pre-determined schedule…without your involvement (reducing manual texting of your clients!).

You schedule these to go out on days you’re not training your client, and they get a different message every time.

Let’s take this a step further: many automated marketing systems use email to send their touchpoints. However, email has a historically low open rate (20-30% on a good day) as people get flooded with emails, or it gets stuck in their spam folder, or they don’t get it at all.

Why not use text messaging to send these touchpoints? It has virtually a 100% open rate, with most being read within three minutes, and you’re probably already using it to communicate with your clients.

So let’s recap: you set up an automated marketing system with great content that sends text message touchpoints to your clients on their off days.

The client is getting a personal experience from you, keeping them accountable and, more importantly, helping them get results. And you don’t have to invest any time to deliver it.

WOW – now you become indispensable; you’re the only trainer your client will ever need. Who else is offering this level of service?

Sounds simple right? You’re probably thinking “why aren’t I already doing this?” Probably because this strategy combines two innovative and relatively new marketing technologies, Automated Marketing and Text Message Marketing.

What used to be reserved only for big companies has now been adapted for smaller businesses in an easy-to-use system (really, it only takes 5 minutes to set up) built specifically for fit pros: Off Day Trainer!

You’re only one innovation away from a HUGE breakthrough in your business!

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