Digital Lead Generation Tablet Case Study

At Kennedy Club Fitness, from April 1 – June 1, 2016 (and beyond)


When we reached out to Kennedy Club Fitness about partnering up for a case study on the effectiveness of our digital lead generation tablet in a gym setting, they were just coming off of a two-month personal training services sales slump. General Manager Mark Pazell was excited about the potential of our system, and agreed to implement the lead gen tablet in the Club’s Arroyo Grande, CA location.

How the Digital Lead Gen Tablet Works

Selling Personal Training Has Never Been Easier

  1. Your prospect enters her mobile number into your tablet because she’s interested in your services.
  2. She immediately receives a welcome text message asking her to submit a simple questionnaire identifying her needs, wants and goals
  3. Lastly, she receives a personalized message asking her to add herself to your schedule based on your availability.

Kennedy’s 87% Increase in PT Sales…

The first month our tablet was installed, KCF experienced an 87% increase in PT sales over the previous three-month sales average!

For the full testing period, PT sales averaged out at 33% higher than the previous three month average, restoring life to a struggling PT program.

Unbelievably, Kennedy’s ROI was over 5,000%!

Reduction in Staff + Cost Savings

In addition to revenue benefits, General Manager Mark Pazell sees the Off Day Trainer lead gen tablet as a technology package that could potentially replace a costly salaried Fitness Director position, since the tablet is capable of generating leads, setting up appointments, and sending reminders and motivational messages all with little or no manual labor.

A Streamlined Sales Process

Traditionally, personal training leads are generated through a labor-intensive process that requires staff to sift through lead box slips and interest lists and manually place calls or send emails to follow up with prospects. If and when an initial consultation is finalized and the prospect shows up, the trainer can attempt to make the sale.

How About a 592% Increase in Conversion Rate?!

Before Off Day Trainer came in, KCF’s Personal Training staff was only closing sales with about 5% of the prospects they met with. With the increased engagement and streamlined approach our system affords them, along with a little sales training from ODT Co-Founder David Pitts, we boosted KCF’s close rate to a whopping 34.62% during our two-month study period!

With the Off Day Trainer lead gen tablet, Kennedy Club Fitness staff didn’t have to lift a finger until the trainer met the prospect. Even then, the trainer came fully equipped to address the prospect’s objections and make the sale, because the Off Day Trainer questionnaire had collected and delivered a detailed assessment of the prospect’s goals, needs and other relevant information prior to the consultation.

Engage Members

Before implementing the Off Day Trainer tablet, a dead lead was just considered a lost cause and discarded. With Off Day Trainer, the opposite is true: each and every lead opts into more than just an appointment request; they’ve opted into a fully-featured motivation and accountability platform that will send them frequent KCF-branded text messages to keep them on track to achieve the goals they specified in their questionnaire.

Even if the prospect doesn’t buy PT services during the initial consultation (or ever), they’ll still be engaged and motivated on a regular basis, heightening their perception of the value delivered by KCF.

By keeping KCF top-of-mind, we accomplish three things:

  • Motivation and reminders to stay on track encourages more frequent gym attendance, which…
  • Increases the probability that the individual will renew their membership with KCF at the end of the current billing cycle, which in turn…
  • Increases the number of face-to-face interactions the individual will have with KCF’s in-facility PT marketing collateral, increasing the probability that they may re-engage with a personal trainer at some point in the future.

So what did Kennedy Club Fitness have to say?


“Having been a fit pro for over 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of cool marketing concepts come and go. When David presented Off Day Trainer and the lead generation tablet, I immediately understood the value in the concept but wasn’t sure how it would work in my facility. It’s definitely innovative, and I saw promise so I gave it a shot.

2 months after installing the tablet in my gym, I’ve seen PT sales raise 33% and payroll drop considerably. The tablet creates member awareness for Personal Training which creates a great opportunity for the up sell and streamlines the process for scheduling training consultations. The entire on boarding process is automated and knowing that I’m connecting via text is the best part as I’m certain that my messages are being read, immediately.

Off Day Trainer has helped me to reduce staff costs and makes for a seamless experience with both my members and trainers. My trainers have never been busier or more confident and my members feel we are providing more value.

It’s not only helped us get more leads in, with David’s sales training videos, my trainers are closing more prospects than ever before, which means ultimately, we are helping more people than ever before. At the end of the day, that’s really what this business is all about. Off Day Trainer truly is a win/win for everyone!”

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