You hate selling. I get it. It’s not what you got into the fitness industry for. You’re here because you are passionate about health and fitness and you love helping people.

The reality is, you have to sell. This is your business and if you want to keep that business you’re going to have to learn how to sell. I’m going to show you exactly how to sell your services without feeling like a used car salesman.

It’s important to approach every single sales opportunity or consultation with the mind-set that you are SERVING and not selling. You provide a solution to the person across from you and that person NEEDS you. They’ve tried many times on their own and have failed.

Those days are over. Make sure they are aware of this right away and proceed with the following steps:

1. Be Likable

People will only buy from you if they know, like and trust you. The quicker you can achieve this, the better.

2. Identify Wants


Sure, you may be able to identify some muscle imbalances and impress your prospects with some fancy terminology but the bottom line is, they just want to get fit for summer. Sell them on the idea of feeling confident in that 2-piece bikini for the first time since high school. Or the thought of being able to run around with their grand kids for the first time EVER.

That my friends is called leveraging their WHY. Understand what they want to achieve and why they want to achieve it because THAT is their motive for action and what is going to get them excited about working with you.

Note: Nobody ever got excited about working with a Personal Trainer because he sold them the idea of improving their overhead-squat.

3. Focus On the Benefits and Outcome That You Provide

Nobody WANTS to buy personal training. They want to buy the benefits that you provide.

  • Motivation
  • Accountability
  • Know-How
  • Support
  • Results
  • The Experience

Don’t forget to identify a target date in which these goals will be achieved. This “outcome” then creates an added level of excitement and really sets the stage for the next step.

4.  Create a Sense of Urgency

Your prospect isn’t going to take action NOW unless you give them a reason to. Create a sense of urgency. Now that you’ve identified their goals and when those goals will be achieved, it’s easy for your prospect to begin thinking, “now is the time to get started.” Here’s how it’s done:

“Mrs Johnson, I understand your goals and why those goals are so important to you. Ordering a wedding dress 3-sizes small is a bold move but it just shows me how bad you want this and I can’t wait to see the look on your husband’s face when he sees you in that dress! But with your big day approaching quickly, we have to take action NOW and we just can’t afford to wait another day. Either one of these two programs is going to get you in that dress. Which one can we get you started on today?”

5. Commitment 

It’s said that in order to achieve success one must:

  1. Make a decision.
  2. Commit to that decision.
  3. Take Action.

Remind your prospect that she made a decision to get healthy and fit. In order to achieve this goal, she is going to have to COMMIT to the program and take action daily.

If steps 3 and 4 are addressed, the commitment usually comes naturally as your prospect is now really excited and envisioning herself where she wants to be.

6. Cost

This is one of the most common objections that you are going to hear. I like to discuss some of the bad eating habits that my prospects have and show them a dollar amount that is attached to those negative choices.

For example:

Joe gets a coffee and a muffin every morning before work from Starbucks. For lunch, he typically eats a burger and fries with co-workers and dinner will typically consist of too much food followed with a glass of wine or beer. Lastly, more times than not, you can count on a late night snack just before bed. 

Once we attach a dollar amount to these poor choices, we now show Joe that we can save him money by removing a lot of these bad habits that are only making his weight loss goals more diffiucult to achieve.

Joe begins thinking about transferring these dollars into something that is going to compliment his goals (YOU) rather than feeling like he has to come up with the extra funds that he’s not sure he can afford.

7. Call to Action! 

The majority of Fitness Professionals lose the sale here. Most are afraid to ask for the business or simply just feel too uncomfortable talking money.

Remember: You are not selling personal training, you are selling a better life and most people are happy to invest in THAT!

If nothing else, make sure that your prospect understands that you are there to help. You CARE about their goals and YOU provide a solution to their problems.

This above all, will make your prospect like and trust you. Going back to step 1, if your prospect doesn’t know, like or trust you, then you don’t stand a chance at getting their business.

Master these 7 steps and you will never hate selling your services again.

BONUS: Check out this video that I created and quickly become a pro on these exact 7 steps: