The client who changed my career

Meet Gabriella.

Gabriella is a 56-year-old Hungarian woman who can barely speak English. Her son bought her a personal training package with me as a Christmas gift.

To say Gabriella was hesitant to meet me is an understatement.

She was incredibly rude to me throughout our entire first session despite my best efforts to make her laugh, or at least crack a smile. Not only would she not respond to my questions, but she hardly even acknowledged my presence. I didn’t realize that this was possible to do with your personal trainer, but trust me, it is!

Imagine an hour of silence other than the occasional sigh of disgust or rolling of the eyes each time I’d ask her to push a little harder or even try a different exercise. The first five minutes felt like an hour, but somehow we both managed to survive the full 60-minute session and went our separate ways, not even confirming the next appointment.

After our session, I scolded the employee who sold her son the sessions with me. I told him that it was the worst session I’d ever had and that there was no way I would train Gabriella again. I also wasn’t even certain that she would show up for our next session.

However, two days later, right on time, Gabriella shows up. And of course, I put her through the workout.

This session wasn’t “good” by any means, but was a huge improvement from the first. She actually spoke to me.

She told me how shocked she was to realize how good she felt after our first workout (to the best of her ability, given her broken English).

Fast forward 6 months

Gabriella and I are still going strong, and believe it or not, she is one of the hardest-working clients that I have. She’s lost over 50lbs and feels GREAT!

It was a Tuesday night and I notice that Gabriella is late for her session. She is never late. She finally shows up, and I can tell that she had been crying.

Of course, I ask her if everything is okay, and she tells me that she needs to speak with me in my office.

We sit down and she goes on to tell me how much she appreciates me.

She tells me how six months ago, her son forced her to work out with me.

She fought and fought with him for years any time he’d bring up her weight and his concern for her health and well-being.

She told me that she was too stubborn, too embarrassed, and too scared to meet with a trainer.

The fact that he spent SO much money on a personal training package for her was what finally got her to agree to meet with me. Well, that and the fact that he lied by telling her that we wouldn’t give him a refund for his purchase!

Gabriella went on to tell me her story.

Thirty years earlier, as a single mother, she migrated with her son to America from Hungary when he was just a baby. She was barely able to save enough money for the trip so when she arrived, they had no place to live, no family, no friends, no food to eat…not even water to drink.

She talked about how she would dig through the trash for food and clothes.

She told me that she spent her entire adult life working multiple jobs, trying to provide a better life for her son. It wasn’t always easy, but she needed to change his life and to give him a future.

Her eyes filled up with pride as she spoke of the man he had become, his beautiful family, and his financial success.

Then she goes on to tell me how after all of this, that it’s not her who has helped him most, but instead it’s him who has helped her.

She literally told me that her son changed her life and provided her with a better future because he introduced her to ME!

She goes on to tell me that in her country, they didn’t have P.E. in school and she had never actually “worked out” a day in her life.

She begins telling me about how energized she feels, how strong she feels, and how much more productive she is in work and in life.

Not only that, but she told me how much of a positive impact I have made on her emotionally as well.

She said before we met, she was going through her toughest days because, despite her financial success, she felt unfulfilled, unhealthy and alone.

Gabriella ran a caregiver business out of her home and said her own health was at such a risk, she didn’t know how much longer she would be able to run her business.

She talked about how everyone she worked with knew me by name. I was the reason she was always sore but I was also the reason she was so strong! She joked that she was constantly bragging to her patients about her “young, cute trainer” (her words not mine).

She credited me for inspiring her to eat less and move more.

She credited me for ALL of her success.

She told me that she just really wanted to give me a hug and say thank you.

“Thank you for changing my life.”

How Do You Respond to That?

I hugged her, and I told her she was wrong about one thing.

SHE was the who did the work, and I needed her to give herself the credit that she deserves.

I reminded her that I can provide all of these things to HELP her achieve success, but at the end of the day, I can’t do the work for her.

She looked at me and said, “You’re right…but I never could’ve done it without you.”


THIS was my “Aha Moment.”

Here is a woman who has been through so much. She has overcome more adversity than most could imagine, yet she credits ME and my workouts for changing her life.

This changed everything for me.

I realized at this moment, I wasn’t just providing a workout a few times per week.

I was giving her strength, endurance, energy, and confidence. I helped her regain the passion for life that she had been lacking for years.

I helped her feel young again. I helped her feel alive!

This is What You Do for Your Clients!

This, my friends, is the type of impact that YOU have on people.

Understand this. Recognize this for exactly what it is, and embrace the opportunity to be the best hour of somebody’s day, every day.

To someone whose been fit their whole life, maybe it doesn’t make sense. Maybe to them, you’re not worth the $60 an hour.

But to others, the value that you can bring to their life is priceless.

Most would pay you so much more than what you charge if only they knew what you were capable of.

Go find them.

There are people who desperately want what you have to offer. They NEED to know what you can do for them.

Tell them.

Promise results and over-deliver.

Provide them with an experience that will change their lives and possibly inspire others to do the same.

But How Do I Find Them?

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