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Automated Group CHALLENGE Software Built For Coaches

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Case Study: Tiffany Garza, Certified Trainer

Her Story:

Due to injury, Tiffany was not able to train 1-on-1 with clients and needed to take her business online. She decided to give the ODT Free Trial a shot and promote an in-home 30-day fitness challenge to her social network. In less than 2 weeks, Tiffany acquired nearly 100 opt-ins for her challenge and converted 1/3 of those into paying for her NEW Online Training business.

She is a warrior, she is an inspiration and most importantly, she’s making money even while injured!


  • Startup Timeline: 12 days
  • Marketing Method: Instagram/Facebook, $0 spent on ads
  • New Lead Opt-ins: 96
  • 30-Day Challenge Signups: 36
  • New Revenue Generated: $750

Launch your own challenge program in as little as 24 hours after sign up!

Text messaging software to help you run your 30-Day Challenge!

ODT texting clients while the trainer trains another client

What You Get

In addition to full access to all of Off Day Trainer's features, you get a resource library and training series to help you create and run your 30-Day Challenge!

How To Get Started

The 30-Day Challenge Program is a preconfigured “at home” workout challenge that provides your active participants with daily works, motivation and accountability via text message! Once activated, the ODT system will send the challenge messages automatically each day.

Getting started is easy. No technical experience is necessary. Launch your own challenge in as little as 24 hours after sign up.

Step 1: Activate an ODT account

Step 2: Download & Follow 30-Day Challenge Instructions

Step 3: Register for the next LIVE training session

30-Day Challenge Resources

30-Day Challenge Instructions

View Instructions

Sample Social Media Posts

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Lead Generation Poster

Get Template

Facebook Post Templates

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Sample Challenge Program

View Program

Sample Challenge Texts

View Texts

Access to Live Trainer Webinars

Screenshot of live webinar

Private Community Support Group

Screenshot of private facebook group

Off Day Trainer is the way to enhance your abilities as a coach and make your clients reach new heights

Tim Danchak, PPSC Certified Trainer

A huge time saver for me, while helping clients with accountability on the days they aren't with me!

Ben Racke, PPSC Certified Trainer

In my first week, I gained $400 in new recurring revenue, plus improved attendance from my clients

Jonathan Nolan, NASM Certified Personal Trainer

Finally, our clients are staying disciplined when they are not with us

Elizabet Almeida, TDMM Personal Trainer

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You're Always In Control

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Can I add my own messages to the library? Yes   No
Can my clients respond to me through ODT? Yes   No
Can I manually message individuals and groups when needed? Yes   No
Can prospects book a session with me through ODT? Yes   No
Is ODT free for my clients? Yes   No
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