• Personal Information: This is where you can edit your personal details or change your login password. The name you post will also appear on some text messages and on questionnaires. Also, it is very important that you check your timezone setting. Make sure the phone number you insert here is the one you want to receive text alerts on.
  • Payment Information: This is where you can see your current billing plan, view your recent invoices and change your payment options if needed.
  • Off Day Message: This is where you can customize many of your automated communications.Once a client’s status becomes active, they will begin receiving Off Day Messages automatically.
    • Settings:  You can decide which type of message gets sent on each day of the week. These settings are set globally for your entire client list but they may be customized to specific client needs by navigating to a specific client’s settings page.
    • Message Library: This screen gives you access to the entire library of texts. Use the toggle switches on the right hand side to turn messages on and off. Click the “Add Message” button to create you own Off Day messages.
    • Opt-in Messages:  The Opt-in Messages are the automatic engagement messages that are sent to a potential client after he or she opts-in to the system that encourages a lead to complete a questionnaire and scheduled an consultation.
  • Questionnaire Settings: You can create a customized questionnaire tailored to your specific training niche. Use toggle buttons to switch the default template questions on and off or use the “Add” button at the bottom of the page to create your own questions. There is also a preview button at the bottom of the page so you can review your questionnaire before saving it.
  • My Availability Settings: Once a lead submits a questionnaire they become a prospect in the Off Day Trainer system. An automated text will be sent asking that prospect to schedule an initial consultation with you based on your availability. The Availability Settings screen is where you define what times you generally have available.

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