Want to increase attendance at a class or event? Want to send Birthday or Holiday greetings to your clients? A carefully timed text can inspire healthy activity and it lets a client know their trainer is thinking about them and holding them accountable.




  1. Click on Clients or Groups Tab
  2. Select the recipients for your message by clicking the check boxes next to their names.
  3. Click the send-messages-to-selected button at the bottom of the same screen.
  4. Deselect send-now
  5. Choose the time and date
  6. Click sraed-awd.

Your message is now sitting in your Outbox, scheduled for delivery. If the date or time you have chosen has already passed, you message will be sent immediately.

If you wish to edit or cancel this message, you can click the Messages tab and then review the messages in your Outbox.

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