Under the main Messages tab you will find the Inbox and Outbox. This is where you go to see your most recent messaging activity. If you want to send a message to a client or group, navigate to the Clients or Groups tabs.


The Inbox displays only new unread messages. You can click on any text to see the complete message history for the corresponding client. A message is no longer considered new when a Trainer either replies to the text, or they click on the message to see the clients complete message history. You can also mark all messages as “read” by clicking the top left checkbox to select all and then click the “Mark As Read” button.

To respond to more than one text, click the check box next to each client and then click “Reply To Selected”. Any time you send a text to a group or respond to multiple recipients, the texts are separated into individual one-to-one texts by the ODT system. This makes the texts more personal and prevents any “reply all” confusion.


The Outbox only shows messages that have been scheduled in advance. It does not show messages sent from the Off Day Message library. Instead it shows messages that were created by a Trainer in the Groups or Clients Tab. Click here to learn how to schedule a text message in advance.

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