Stoic Men's Fitness Challenge - Lose 10 lbs in 30 Days

Local trainer Mitch Hall

Congratulations! You've taken a very important step to improve your life physically and mentally. Becoming more fit not only makes you stronger and gives you more energy, it also helps you think clearer so you can perform better at work, play, and with your daily activities.

By committing to the stoic men's fitness 30 day challenge, you can become the best version of yourself! there's no better time than now to get back in shape and boost your immune system.

You'll learn how to achieve success regardless of the challenges you're enduring. what obstacles have kept you from achieving or maintaining your goals? write them down and work to resolve them with exercise and your mindset.

Research shows doing something uncomfortable voluntarily every day can increase your confidence, improve self-esteem, and build menatal toughness. 

I'll motivate you and hold you accountable every day!

  • It's time to gain more energy
  • It's time to build mental toughness
  • It's time to burn more fat
  • It's time for less pain
  • It's time for better mobility and stability
  • It's time to start feeling better mentally, physically, and emotionally
  • It's time for more confidence
  • It's time to take your life back
  • It's time to get stronger

Stoic Men's Fitness 30 Day Challenge

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