30-Day Wellness Challenge & Detox Program!

Local trainer Leslie Kasanoff

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Tackle the Issues:

Weight gain   |   Type 2 Diabetes   |   Peri-menopause   |   Mood Swings   |   Memory Issues & more

Summer has ended

Fall is approaching. The holidays are just around the corner.

You want to get centered and get back on your game with real healthy eating.If you don’t, you have a nagging dread that you’ll throw it all to the wind. . . . And wake up New Year’s Day unable to fit into anything you own.

Or back at square one in controlling that health issue. Be it diabetes, high blood pressure, those pesky menopause issues or more.
You want simple answers.

You want a quick win but one that will stick.

If you don’t mind saying no to chocolate for just a few days. But you say “No Thanks” to living on kale and spending your life in the gym.
Then you’re in the right place.

You want to feel good in your own skin.You want that vitality and energy you had; once.

This time it’s for you.
You’re not doing this to impress anyone,
Am I right?

You can get Your Mojo Back! With a Natural Approach.

It’s simple. I’ve got your back.

  • Support & Accountability
  • Nutrition Tips text messages
  • Exercise & workout challenges
  • Group Support & Encouragement
  • Motivational Text Messages
  • Detox & Cleansing Recipe EBook
  • Videos and live programing

Set the pieces in place NOW for a Stress-Free, Binge-Free Holiday Season

The next 30 Day Challenge Begins October 4, 2021.

It’s only $27! How can you go wrong!

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