— Webinar Series — How to Train From a Distance

Co-Hosted by Off Day Trainer and FitnessMentors

Part I: “Training Online”

As a recap, the 3/16 webinar focused on the Online Trainer product. This resource was provided for FREE by Eddie Lester at FitnessMentors.com. This is the “what” you sell online and available to download in the resources section on this page.

Part II: “Communication”

Wednesday’s webinar focused on “communication” with a specific strategy to engage, motivate and educate your clients using the most effective methods available!

Part III: “Execution & Best Practices”

This webinar focused on execution and best practices for delivering training from a distance

Part IV: “Prepare Your Business”

We’re starting the week off with Eddie Lester from FitnessMentors. He’ll guide you through the first chapter of his Online Training course, “Prepare Your Business”.

  • Lesson 1 – Your Fitness Theory
  • Lesson 2 – Determine Your Niche
  • +6 more lessons + a downloadable bonus
  • Lesson 3 – Who? What? How?
  • Lesson 4 – The Welcome Package
  • Lesson 5 – Online Assessments
  • Lesson 6 – Workout Forms and Templates
  • BONUS: 12 Premade Monthly Workout Programs
  • Lesson 7 – Branding
  • Lesson 8 – Business Checkpoints

By attending, you’ll receive limited time access to this course FREE! (Thank you, Eddie)

Part V: “30-Day Challenges”

We walk you through creating a 30-Day Challenge with text-messaging, how to charge, how to manage daily interaction, and how to upsell when it’s over.

See our 30-Day Challenge Resources Page!

Part VI: “Marketing & Promotion”

Using Off Day Trainer landing page and questionnaire to market & promote your 30-Day Challenge and onboard participants

See our 30-Day Challenge Resources Page!

Support Webinars for 30-Day Challenges

“30-Day Challenge Advanced Support”

Deep dive into getting clients and leads into your 30-Day Challenge via posters, Facebook posts, etc (resources included).

See our 30-Day Challenge Resources Page!

“30-Day Challenge Support with Kevin Quinn”

We spotlight the success of Kevin Quinn’s 30-Day Challenge, recap his program details, and go into what comes after 30 days have passed.

See our 30-Day Challenge Resources Page!